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Styled Look: Endless Summer

As part two of our Styled Shoot series, we throw down a pretty heavy reminder that it is most definitely not Winter yet, at least in Florida anyway. We took our model Sabrina shopping to our local co-op boutique My Anchored Soul and got a few shots of her decked out in Sundown goodies! We are holding onto Summer and by mixing bright accessories with visually stunning black and white patterned pieces, muscle tanks and mini leather necklaces ... so it is safe to say Sundown fully endorses this entire combo. In fact we are crushing big time on this entire look.


They way I see it is, its always the right time of year for a muscle tee like the one our girl is rocking here. If its cold where you are just layer up! A cute denim or moto jacket and you are good to go. We got our 'Surfer boys do it better' Tank from O'Neill. 

A little fun fact for our blog readers: Did you know we use our leather scraps left over from our Key Fobs and Cuffs and turn them into Leather Bar Necklaces and sell them at our local co-op Boutique ? Yeah,  true story bro. And they are coming to the website soon too .... (insert happy dance.)

Bright cuffs + leather bar necklace

 Tradewinds Weekender in Sangria is a little bit of heaven with this look in my opinion. And for those wondering ... the white nail trend is going to last well into Spring 2015, so paint away!

Big thanks to our bombshell model Sabrina.

Next week is part 3!