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Easy DIY Nautical Rope Vases

I am in the process of getting my patio ready for the Summer & wanted to share an easy DIY nautical vase project I recently did. I do a lot of my blogging & planning for Sundown out here since the weather in Florida is so amazing. So it might as well be cozy & tropical right? 

DIY Nautical Rope Vase by Sundown Style Co.

I am a big fan of using materials I already have so I made a few different sizes using a pickle jar, glass wine jug, and an old whiskey bottle I had been using as a bud vase. The cool thing is, if you leave the tops open like these, you can take out the glass and use them as rope bowls or catch-alls later. Heres how I did it ...



• Recycled glass jar or vase

• Rope (this is what I used)

• Glue

• Clothes pin 

• Spray Paint (optional)

• Scissors 

Select your glass vase, jar or bottle and create a base for it by spiraling your rope. Use your glue to make sure it stays in place. Make sure to be patient and give your base time to dry before you move on to the next step, otherwise you won't have a strong foundation to work with. 

I decided to place a piece of canvas at the bottom of this one so the glue wouldn't show through. This step is totally optional, but may be helpful if you went a little overboard like I did on this first one.

Once your base is dry, use your bottle or vase as a guide and begin to wrap your rope around, gluing each layer, and letting it dry before moving on to the next. Don't worry about your glue showing, it should dry clear. 

When you get to the end, tuck it in and glue. Then stabilize it with a clothespin to let dry.

If you want to add some color, simply slide out your bottle and use spray paint on that sucker.

For a more natural look, spray your rope BEFORE you begin, like I did here:


Now my patio is well on its way to becoming a sweet office oasis & I now have some rad new rope bowls and vases to play around with. So on that note, Happy Wednesday & make have an amazing week everyone. 



1. Measure how much rope you will need by wrapping the vase to desired height & cut to size. 

2. If you want a to color your vase with the 'Natural Look', spray paint your rope in sections now, making sure to get all sides. (optional)

3. Make a tight spiral with your rope the width of your vase's bottom. Glue in place & let dry. 

4. Wrap remaining rope up around your vase, using your vase as a guide and gluing each layer as you go. Be careful not to glue your rope to your vase if you want to be able to remove your vase later. 

5. Carefully tuck in ends, clip to hold in place & let dry.