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The Skinny on our New Store!

It's almost here! I am about to open up the web store very soon so I decided to share the excitement and show you all a sneak peek from the Sundown Style Company  product line!  As I continue to work on the collection, new products will become available and I will make sure to post them on  Instagram & Pinterest  to announce new product arrivals.

A big thanks to all of my people out there who have encouraged me along during this process to get Sundown going. I am thankful for you and will remember you were there from the start.

All of the products in the line are handmade in the U.S. with high quality materials including super soft suede and washed canvas. Our Sundown Fold Over Clutches are simple, modern and feature hand painted prints and removable suede tassel pulls. Lots of other goodies on the way too!


It wouldn't be much of a sneak peek if I posted any more pictures! Haha. Check back to see more!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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Styling Your Business Cards // DIY

Here is a cool little DIY idea for any of you go getters our there, or any who are starting up your own business and can't quite afford the fancy letterpress business cards quite yet. Jazz up your plain business cards with a splash of color!


This works best with matte cards that are slightly thick vs. the flimsy ones. I chose a recycled paper from

Then just go to your local hardware store and pick up some awesome colors of spray paint, mine set me back a whole $4.  

Stack your cards in small stacks and weight them down with something small if you want clean edges.


Then get to spraying! Keep in mind you will sacrifice the top one but no worries, the end result is pretty sweet.

Play around for different effects to get a unique look. Two tone, Ombre ... Totally up to you, the options are pretty much endless. 


Totally worth the $4 and the 20 minutes this took to do!  

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