Here is a quick little Valentine project for all of you DIY-ers out there. These washi tape valentines are simple to make for friends or anyone you think may need a little love this year.  Washi tape is pretty much like masking tape but comes in a million cool colors and prints. It works well for these types of projects because if you mess up, you are able to move it easily without ruining your project.


You will only need a few things to get started:

  • A ruler
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • A heart hole punch ( totally optional, in fact I actually purchased mine on accident and forgot to return it.)
  • Card stock
  • Your favorite washi tapes  ( They actually sell it everywhere these days... I got these two from Target.)

To make a square card,  measure and cut a piece of card stock that is 2 x 4 inches. You can make whatever size you prefer, just make sure it's double the length on one side. Then fold the card in half and use your ruler to press down the edge to make it crisp.


For this one, I placed a strip of hot pink along the bottom and trimmed the edges do it didn't wrap around to the inside of the card. Then I used my heart hole punch on my chevron tape and layered it so pink would show through. I covered the top of the card and trimmed the access again.


Just play around with your tape to get your desired look. If you need an envelope you can buy small ones at practically any craft store or on etsy. I made some small ones by using this free online template for a 4 x 4 envelope. To get one to fit your 2 x 2 mini cards, simply print it directly from your browser page. Mine printed out the perfect size this way. Since the template has words on it, use your print out as a template for your card stock.  Trace, cut and fold the edges in. (Rulers help here too for straight lines.) Glue lightly and let dry.


Super cute when it all comes together. Just have fun with it and spread some love around this year.