Here is a cool little DIY idea for any of you go getters our there, or any who are starting up your own business and can't quite afford the fancy letterpress business cards quite yet. Jazz up your plain business cards with a splash of color!


This works best with matte cards that are slightly thick vs. the flimsy ones. I chose a recycled paper from

Then just go to your local hardware store and pick up some awesome colors of spray paint, mine set me back a whole $4.  

Stack your cards in small stacks and weight them down with something small if you want clean edges.


Then get to spraying! Keep in mind you will sacrifice the top one but no worries, the end result is pretty sweet.

Play around for different effects to get a unique look. Two tone, Ombre ... Totally up to you, the options are pretty much endless. 


Totally worth the $4 and the 20 minutes this took to do!  

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