As another Summer kicks off many of us celebrate Memorial day weekend with family and friends over barbeques, and music, sunshine and good times. How wonderful it is that we have the freedoms we have. To have the chance to do what we wish and spend our time however we would like. To be honest I had a few projects and patriotic style posts ready for this week but somehow something wasn't right. I still felt the need to get a different, more important message across first. So here it is.

My hope is that this weekend, not only will you enjoy all of your freedoms but truly take time to remember those who fought and still fight for us. Without even thinking twice, countless men and women gave their lives defending all that we enjoy today. Defending our rights, and standing up to anyone who dared the thought of attempting to take those freedoms away. And on Tuesday after all the food is gone, and we are back to work, do me a favor and remember them again. Don't wait a year until you ever think about these people again, they have sacrificed so much and have earned the right to be honored. It should be our hope to safely earn that much honor in our lifetimes.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to remember them.