Happy Monday. This week we are all about the burn out tanks. Understated, subtle, and a warm weather staple, these tanks can go with practically any outfit. Paired with girly items, or thrown under a denim jacket or even tucked into a maxi skirt. We are loving the color of this one found at LULU's!

A good burnout tank is not too fitted or bright. You can also find them with cool vintage prints or distressed lettering which make them seem like you have had them for years. These features make them all the more awesome then the same cookie cutter looks you see copied everyday. They can also be worn tons of different ways including a casual everyday item or easily layered with other items. The more distressed and damaged the better! That is was makes it unique and it is super easy to do yourself.

Morroco Bound Tank -Billabong.com

Morroco Bound Tank -Billabong.com

This would be kind of cool to recreate wouldn't it?! I feel a DIY coming on.

Have a good week everyone! Stay sunny.