Earlier this month we featured a Currently Loving: Burnout Tanks post that inspired us to do a DIY vintage burnt out look to your T-shirts or favorite tanks! Before we start keep in mind that all garments vary depending on your textile content and the decals on your tanks. So your final products may fade differently, but that is the best part! No one will have a garment like yours and you will truly have a one of a kind piece.


Here are the supplies that we used. ** NOTE: Amounts can be altered to achieve your desired effect **

Cup of Course Salt 

1/2 Cup Baking soda (Washing soda may work as well!)

Distressing tools like sand paper and scissors  ... or both!

 Tee or Tank

 Bucket or large container

Stir stick

 1/4 Cup Bleach (optional)

  1. Fill your container with hot water just enough to make sure your tank or garment will be fully submerged.
  2. Pour in about 1 cup of the salt and stir to dissolve. ( Keep in mind you may need more depending on the size of your project.)
  3. Pour in Baking soda, and Bleach. Mix well.
  4. Throw your garment in and use the stir stick to make sure your entire garment is submerged.
  5. Leave it alone for 3 days! (You may start to see the water change color but that is okay, that means its working)


   6. Rinse! Take it out of your bucket and discard the water. Then, run it through a rinse cycle in your washing machine. Alone or with   some towels.

  7.  Before you dry it, use your sandpaper to distress any print or decal and use your scissors to fray edges or make holes. Your fabric should be pretty weak at this point if it is cotton, so test small areas first and continue on to get your desired look!

  8. Lay flat to dry in the sunshine ( Because sunshine is good for the soul) and check out your results!


The final results are a muted down version of the original and the fabric is also broken in like it had been worn for years. We would love to see your versions of vintage tees or tanks! Comment below with any questions!

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