I am super excited to share another photo gallery with you all! This was actually the very first fashion styled shoot I did with Sundown. I did a "Behind the Scenes" post back in January for Farah Inspired  Promo and it is still one of my favorites! Since January the Farah Inspired site has launched and her fashion blog is now accessible to everyone! This gallery is a portion of the very first shoot we did for her promo material so check out the full Style Gallery.


After our quick stop at Starbucks, we decided to just drive out to one of my favorite spots at Wrightsville beach with all of our stuff and scout out a spot right then. 


Fun Fact!  Both Farah and I are former Starbucks employees! Thus ... our addiction. Sorry for calling you out Farah.

Also, why is it somehow that Starbucks employees have a way of finding each other in the universe, its kind of like finding out your new friend is your second cousin... no? Am I the only one? Okay, moving on.


I was so impressed on how prepared this young lady was, as her car was packed with props, outfits and accessories that she had designed herself. It was pure fashion goodness. It. was. awesome.

So we lugged all of Farah's stuff out near the dunes and after a few test shots I started shooting away. I must say, for January it was such a beautiful evening, or maybe it was because I was finally doing something creative again with my day that made it so great. Either way, the sun set was perfect and before we knew it we had been there for about three hours, but worth every minute!


Check out the full Style Gallery Here!

And Check out Farah's Bio here too, such a great story!

Have a great Wednesday!